Failure Analysis (Since 1973)

Boiler Superheater Headers • Boiler Main Steam Pipeline • Boiler tubes • Steam Turbine Main Stop Valve • Generator • Bearings • Electrical components • Heavy Industry machinery • Steel products

Metallurgical Analysis (Since 1973)

Power plant and industry component such as headers, tubes, pipes, drums, tanks, steam/gas turbine blade, nozzle, hot gas casing, bucket, combustion lining, vessel, valves and steel product
Plant Condition and Life Assessment & RBI Baseline Inspection (Since 1995)

Boiler headers &  tubes • Main steam pipeline • HP & LP drums • Feed Water & Deaerator Tanks • Gas/Steam turbine components •  Water treatment plant components • Balance of plant components
Repair Procedures & Heat Treatment

Boiler Main Steam Pipeline Tee-piece Repair Procedure • Steam Turbine Main Stop Valve Repair Procedure. Normalizing P91 tubes •  PWHT of P22 and P91 header, tubes & pipes.