Profmetal Sdn. Bhd (Profmetal) is a company specializing in failure analysis, laboratory & on-site metallographic services, non-destructive testing, material characterization and technical training & courses.

We provide engineering services for a wide variety of equipment, especially power plant equipment (e.g., gas & steam turbines, steam boilers & pipelines, pressure vessels and tubing, and electrical equipment).

Our recent experience in power plants includes the forensic analysis of premature failures, microstructure analysis via replication techniques (including the new T/P 91 to 23 dissimilar welds), evaluation of NDT data for RBI, and providing professional advice on the heat treatment, PWHT & repair procedures on T/P 91 steels.

We provide technical training and courses related to the characterization, selection & performance of engineering materials, heat treatment of steels, fatigue & fracture, failure analysis and technical photography. Our course content can be tailored to the client’s needs.

Our company is new but the combined experience of our two main resource persons totals 66 years.